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Sweden is one of the most desirable countries to live in all over the world. Officially, the Kingdom of Sweden is one of the countries in northern Europe, bordering Norway from the west and north, Finland from the east, and Denmark via the Öresund Strait, where architectural marvel, the Øresund Bridge tunnel bridge is built. The capital of this country, which is known for its ecological views, tolerance, and innovations in various areas of life is Stockholm. The city has existed under this name since the 13th century but there is evidence of human settlements over 7,000 years old. Although over 87 percent of the 10.3 million inhabitants live in urban areas, to get to know Sweden, visitors must explore outside the cities because what shaped the soul of these people lies in the beautiful nature of forests, rivers, and lakes. The history of this and neighboring countries is related to the Vikings, ancient warriors-sailors who discovered the world much earlier than the rest of the ancient civilizations.

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