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Must see in Madagascar

Madagascar is a country located on the island of the same name based in the Indian Ocean, near to the southeastern part of Africa continent. Because of its size, it's the fourth biggest island on Earth. And it remains largely untouched by tourist trade at many places around there. Being isolated from the African mainland for so long, the country has evolved to hold so many unique species of both plants and animals. For example, you won't find Lemurs anywhere else on our planet but here on Madagaskar, you can find more than 20 different kinds of these amazing animals. It is a land of tropical climate and full of rain forests, but still a wonderful place for hiking, trekking and also for safari jeeps tours at some places. There are also a lot of amazing and protected nature areas and national parks which are worth visiting and which contain incredible, unique landscapes, ecosystems and villages. Also, if you're looking for some beautiful beaches, then you should consider visiting Morondava, Anakao or the offshore part of Nosy Ve island. All these are the right place for some snorkeling.

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