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Sarek National Park

Sarek National Park is located about 130 kilometers southwest of the city of Kiruna, in the northern Swedish province of Lapland. It was founded in 1909, which makes it the oldest national park in Europe. The main attractions in this park are six of the thirteen mountain peaks higher than 2000 meters. The most famous among mountain peaks is the second highest mountain peak in Sweden, Sarektjåkkå. The park is dominated by three geographical phenomena: mountains, valleys, and plateaus. In the valleys melting glaciers create streams, which can swell quite a bit during a sunny day in the warm part of the year. Visitors should pay attention to this, as well as to the lack of shelter in Sarek National Park, which is dangerous because the weather in this mountainous area changes very quickly, so there can be severe, unexpected storms. It is advisable to ask the locals when to go trekking and to bring all the necessary equipment.

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