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Who has never been in Slovakia will hardly understand how beautiful this country is. Wide forests, breathtaking mountains, hundreds of caves containing hidden underground rivers, streams and waterfalls, stalagmites and stalactites, historical castles and burgs, ponds, lakes, bears, wolves, amazing ski resorts, unique cuisine and as many of you surely know - the most beautiful women on Earth. All this and more is Slovakia. Located in the heart of Europe, with its capital city of Bratislava, is maybe quite an exotic destination for a people from distances far away from here, but once you'll experience these lands on your own eyes, you'll consider them as one of the best places you'd spend your vacation at. High and Lesser Tatras mountains are famous for their breathtaking views, hidden mountains lakes with water so clear you can count the rocks on bottoms. But not just nature here is amazing! Slovakia has also a lot to say and offer when it comes to history! Visit some of the many historical castles here and see how local aristocracy lived back in those days.

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