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It is said that there is no similar place on Earth like Brazil. And once you'll visit this country you'll agree. It is one of the richest parts of our planet when it comes to the topic of rare and unique kinds of both fauna and flora. Amazon river, and not just its heart, or places like Porto Joffre, and at many other places you can witness local wildlife in its pure form. Rivers, beaches, basins, forests, waterfalls, ponds, lakes - you name it and Brazil got it prepared for you. Not a fan of landscapes and countryside tours? Then head to the famous cities like Cuiaba, Caceres or the capital city of Rio de Janeiro and gather experience like no other place around the World can offer you. Visiting the 30 tall statue of the Christ the Redeemer, enjoying the city's carnival or relaxing on the Copacabana beach those are just a few of things worth putting on your to-do list.

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