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Japan is a place where modern life is on the highest rank possible in some of the biggest cities on Earth while traveling around the country will provide a detailed, breathtaking and amazing connection to the country's traditions, ancient culture, and history. Japan is mostly covered by mountains containing some of the world-class ski resorts. But the countryside and mountains here are not great only in winter, as in warmer months there are many beautiful places to visit and paths to hike, through cedar groves and fields of wildflowers, up to some historical and even ancient shrines hidden in soaring peaks or hot and thermal bubbling springs. But Japan also has a lot of beautiful tropical beaches where you can sunbath, snorkel or dive and explore the underwater world. And when you're tired from all the exploring, head to some of the traditional Japanese inns - ryokans and have a sleep on futons and tatami mats and pad through wooden halls to the bathhouse.

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