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Must see in Norway

Oh, Norway! What a beautiful country you are! If you're a fan of breathtaking landscapes, unique views, lakes or rivers, then Norway is the right place you'd go to! And don't forget about the fjords! You will not find many places similar to fjords, trust us! And you can easily take a relaxing and wonderful boat trips through the most famous fjords around here. Doesn't matter the climate here is typically colder than other destinations, the experience you'll gather here will keep your heart, body, and soul warm for a long time after your return. Travel to Norway and do some fishing, take a challenge and do some of the most amazing treks and hikes one can do in the world. See beautiful cities like Oslo, Bergen, watch people in Aker Bryge District, enjoy the typical Scandinavian breakfast. But if you lust for an experience full of adrenaline, then travel more to North and do some dog sledding and maybe try to catch a breathtaking Nordic night with Aurora Borealis - the northern light. It is said that to see such a beautiful and magical moment is something everyone should do at least once in their lives.

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