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The Czech Republic, especially the capital city of Prague, became one of Europe's most popular travel destinations in the years after 1989. While everyone who visits the Czech Republic probably starts with Prague, the whole country has hundreds of amazing and breathtaking places to see, from beautiful countryside and nature like breezy meadows, vast green forests and deep woods, long rivers and hidden streams, green hills, hundreds of pools, ponds, and lakes, and small yet beautiful mountains. But also many historical and breathtaking cities with unique architecture, old castles and burgs, history and mysterious and mythical stories and tales to tell. Some of these places are even under the UNESCO mark, like for example the amazing city of Český Krumlov, where everyone should head while they're visiting this unique country sometimes considered as the heart of Europe. Add excellent cuisine, one of the best beers and the most beautiful women.

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17 most beautiful places in Czech Republic