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Singapore is an island city-state located in Southeast Asia. It is proclaimed as the global hub for entertainment, healthcare, innovation, manufacturing, technology, tourism, trade, and education. The city itself has been recognized as one of the most "technology-ready" nation on Earth and as the "World's smartest city" in modern days. This city-state is home to nearly 6 million people and is definitely worth visiting. While it is not a large city, it contains a wide diversity of languages, religions, cultures, cuisines, and arts. It is said that dining in Singapore is the local national pastime and even an obsession for many of the local people. The diversity of cuisine is surely one of the reasons to visit this place. And the food is sometimes very cheap too! Many tourists who visited this country said it was one of the safest and cleanest places they've ever been to. The locals are stylish, affluent and friendly. One can find great nightlife. Most of the population and staff can speak English very well. There are abundant first-rate shopping malls, hotels, and restaurants. Add the world-famous Singapore Zoo, sightseeing boat trips and some great hiking trails and the package is complete.

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