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The City of New York, commonly called New York City, is a city with the biggest population in the USA. It is very often recognized as "The city that never sleeps" which refers to the fact that there is a ton of things, activities to do and places to visit no matter what the time, from early morning hours to late night part of a day. Iconic for this nickname is the Times Square with all the displays, ads and flat screens so big you'll wonder how much electricity this place needs for its existence. But one should visit also places like the Statue of Liberty, the Empire State Building, Brooklyn Bridge, the Met, the Central Park, many of the typical local hole-in-the-wall bars, restaurants, coffees, quirky shops, great delis and much more. If you plan your first trip to the USA - the City of New York should be one of the first places you'll see. Trust us, it is a city like no other!

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