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Canada, located in the northern part of North America, is a country that is composed of ten provinces and three territories extended from the Atlantic to the Pacific and on the north, also the Arctic Ocean. With its lands that cover around 10 million square kilometers, it is the second largest country by total area in the World. The capital and amazing city are Ottawa, but other large cities like Toronto, Montreal or Vancouver have also a lot to offer for any traveler. If you're a fan of ice-hockey, skiing, snowboarding, mountains, lakes, rivers, forests wide enough you wouldn't see to their end or a fan of unique wildlife, quiet and untouched tundra nature, then Canada is the place you should go to. Thanks to its largeness nearly everyone can find something interesting and thrilling to do here. Also, Canada's climate varies widely because of its vast area. From arctic weather in the north, where some of the best ski resorts can be found, too hot summers in the southern regions where you'll easily get the right tan on your skin. To describe well all these breathtaking places one can visit in Canada it will take way more than a short paragraph. But if you're looking for the most favorite places, then Niagara Falls, Banff, Whistler, Hamilton or NHL (world most famous ice hockey league) cities like Montreal, Quebec, Toronto, Ottawa or Vancouver should be on your list.

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