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Must see in Bolivia

Bolivia, officially the Plurinational State of Bolivia - a country located in the western-central part of South America, is a homeland for breathtaking places like Lake Titicaca, famous Salt Flats of Bolivia with its Fish Island, Reserva Eduardo Avaroa, Amazon river basins, Chacaltaya Ski Resort and many more. From beautiful hiking trails, through unique salt flats, vast forests, tall mountains with ski resorts, rivers with basins, historically and architecturally amazing cities to the commonly called "highest navigable lake in the world" Titicaca - Bolivia has so much to offer that you'd be surprised! The city of Sucre is the capital of this country, even while the government has its seats in the city of La Paz. Both of them are worth visiting, trust us! And a useful tip - the weather here is extremely unpredictable, so add extra layers into luggage!

11 most beautiful places in Bolivia