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Northern European country bordering the Gulf of Bothnia, Baltic Sea and the Gulf of Finland, between Sweden, Russia, and Norway - that's where you can find Finland. One of not many countries ideal for hunting down the Aurora Borealis - the northern light magical moment. But it's just about that. If you want a tip that is worth changing your travel plans for Finland, then correct your Finnish to-visit list to contain at least some of the places like Tampere, Helsinki, the fairytale-like Santa Claus Village in the town of Rovaniemi, Turku, frozen forests near Oulu, Espoo, amazing lake near the city of Lahti, Pori, Lappeenranta, Porvoo and many more. Fishing, cruising through the Finnish fjords, dog sledding, ice hockey, curling, ice skating, hunting, skiing, unique cuisine, wild reindeers, Santas all this and much more is prepared for anyone on a way to Finland!

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