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Philippines, officially the Republic of the Philippines is a country made of multiple islands in the western Pacific Ocean, Southeast Asia. The correct word for it is archipelagic and it includes more than 7 600 islands which are categorized under geographical divisions of Luzon, Visayas and Mindanao. One can easily figure out that this part of our planet is the right place for any beach lover. With so many islands within one state surely everyone can find the perfect beach or spot at the sea and on the sand. Snorkeling, surfing, diving, swimming, boat trips, and many other sea-waters and waves activities. But it's not all about beaches! If you'd like to explore some local atmosphere, you should take a trip inland and witness some of the world’s most extensive rice terraces, enjoy some of the freshest seafood, or explore towns that are decorated with unique architecture you won't find anywhere else. Manila is the capital city of the Philippines, but the most populous one is the city of Quezon.

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