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Štrbské Pleso

Štrbské Pleso is the largest of many mountain lakes on Slovakian part of Vysoké Tatry mountain. This lake is an attraction that lures many visitors every year, and for a good reason too. Already in 1878, the potential of Štrbské Pleso was recognized by Jozef Szentiványi, a nobleman who built hunting cottage on the bank of this beautiful lake. The name came from nearby village Štrba, and the lake is part of its municipal land. Štrbské Pleso is a starting point for some of the most famous hikes in Vysoké Tatry mountain, such as Kriváň hike and Rysy hike, often found in touristic offers. Just 500 meters of the lake banks there is a very popular ski resort that has the same name. If you decide to visit during winter, Štrbské Pleso ski resort offers 9 km of tracks, chairlifts, and ski lifts, kids park and snow park. In the past, competitions in junior ski jumps were organized here. And sure, you can go boating on the magnificent lake when it's not frozen.

Activities in Štrbské Pleso

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