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Bratislava Primatial Palace

Bratislava is the capital of Slovakia and one of the most visited cities of this part of Europe. Younger than most of the neighboring capitals, it is still very rich in history. One of the most visited locations in Bratislava, Primatial Palace is hidden in narrow streets of Old town of Bratislava. Famous for its beautiful Hall of Mirrors and for a fact that it is the place where Napoleon signed the truce with Holy Roman Emperor Francis II, which was also known as the fourth peace of Pressburg. Palace was built in 1781 for Archbishop József Batthyány, and nowadays it serves as the office of the Mayor of Bratislava. While in Bratislava, make sure to visit old ruins of Devin Castle, 10 kilometers of Bratislava, on the border with Austria. Settled since Neolithic Age, mentioned in the 9th century in German sources, this site is absolute must see. You can visit Devin Castle by boat.

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