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Zion National Park

In Southern Utah, Zion National Park is spread on 229 square miles and is showcasing towering cliff walls, narrow canyons, and incredibly stunning scenery. Established in 1909, it was once called Mukuntuweap National Monument, but the name was changed. The park protects the rock formations and high sandstone cliffs within its boundaries. Thrill-seekers say that it is one of their favorite spots for rock-climbing, hiking, backpacking, canyoneering, and climbing. Angel's Landing is a trail which brings the hikers up a nearly 1,500-foot natural staircase. They can also trek The Narrows, a 10-mile hike through the narrowest section of Zion Canyon. This adventure requires hikers to travel upstream through the Virgin River. Another spot not to be missed is Kolob Canyons. It is a less-crowded area, situated in the park’s northwestern corner and it contains beautiful red-rock canyons, incredible overlooks, and lush landscape. While spending time in this national park, the visitors can simply gaze up at massive sandstone cliffs of cream, pink, and red colors, which brings undeniable enchantment with the scenery. The park also has a unique array of plants and animals. Throughout the canyon, beautiful wildflowers, hanging ferns, and moss are growing on the steep cliffs which just adds to the mystic beauty of nature.

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