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Rocky Mountain National Park

This gorgeous alpine scenery is called the “roof of the world.” Just 1.5 hours north of Denver, Rocky Mountain showcases 72 named peaks higher than 12,000 feet. Its high point is 12,183 feet, deep in the heart of the alpine tundra. Some of the experiences include mountain climbing, hiking, camping, fishing, and breathtaking views of jagged peaks, glaciers, and high-mountain lakes. In late June or early July, the tiny wildflowers, including alpine forget-me-nots bloom and contribute to the beauty of the site. When it comes to wildlife, the visitors can watch the moose, bighorn sheep, and elk in their natural habitat. Black bear, mountain lions, and bobcats are around as well, but it is not sure whether the visitors will have a chance to see them. What can’t be missed is a drive along 48-mile Trail Ridge Road. It is a twisty, winding, vertiginous route across the Continental Divide. Along the way, the visitors can take pleasure in looking at valleys, forests of spruce and fir, and majestic peaks.

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