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Sequoia National Park

In the southern Sierra Nevada east of Visalia, California the nature lovers can find the home to the tallest, widest, and grandest sequoias. The trees here average the height of a 26-story building, so it is truly a unique experience to walk among these tree-giants. Back in the day, tunnels were cut into living giant sequoias, to create popular tourist attractions. These tunnels, however, weren’t good for the trees and the practice eventually stopped. However, in Sequoia National Park’s Giant Forest, there is still a drive through an opening in the Tunnel Log, the remains of a giant, 275-foot tree that tumbled down in 1937. When it comes to lodging, there is nothing better than sleeping under the stars at the Lodgepole Campground. This campground is set just two miles from the Giant Forest, making it both convenient and enjoyable, surrounded by beautiful landscape. The greatest attraction in the Sequoia National Park is the 275-foot-tall General Sherman tree. It is not the tallest tree in the world, however, it is the largest one. This is something which has to be seen in order to believe it. General Sherman tree is easily reached via a short paved trail in Giant Forest and to see more nearby giants, the visitors should head to the two-mile Congress Trail, which leads to the stately President Tree.

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