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Located on the Turkish Riviera in the Mediterranean coastline, Antalya is the biggest city and capital of Antalya province. The best beach is in the area of Lara, approximately 12 kilometers to the east of Antalya city. One of the longest beaches on Mediterranean coastline is the Patara beach in Antalya, which is 22 kilometers long! It is famous for windsurfing and is under the protection of the Turkish government for nesting of the sea turtles. The old town of Side is located on a small peninsula with sandy beaches on both sides. Town of Side is still surrounded by the wall, and visitors can see remains of Greek theatre and Temple of Apollo. Antalya has to offer something for everyone: the most beautiful, luxury resorts, beaches for swimming and sunbathing, green hills for relaxing hiking or mountain climbing for more ambitious individuals, as well as sightseeing of some of the most famous sites like Roman Theater of Aspendos which is located just south of city of Antalya, and was built to honor the emperor Marcus Aurelius.

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