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Pamir Highway

The Pamir Highway or M41 as it is officially called is one of the vital road routes in Tajikistan. It connects the cities of Khorog in Tajikistan and Osh, located in Kyrgyzstan, which were in the same country, the Soviet Union, at the time the road was built (1931-1934). Don't expect too much from this highway, because it is different from what you would expect. In some sections, the road is of pretty low quality. However, the Red Army built this road for its own needs, and the army does not have much need for a comfortable road. The M41 is one of the routes with the highest altitude in the world, and the scenes that surround it are convincingly among the most beautiful in the whole world. Just traveling on this road is a kind of adventure, and the ambiances that change in the windows of the vehicle you are traveling in are unique.

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