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Shilin Night Market

The night markets of Taiwan are quite an experience. They are like open-air festivals of sound, smell, and taste, and they can be found on different nights around the island. However, the best-known one is Shilin Night Market in Taipei, located in Taipei's Shilin District. This is a great way to try out their traditional specialties and enjoy the rich nightlife, surrounded by friendly faces. The vendors are offering almost an unbelievable amount of street food snacks to taste and experience. One of its traditional beverages is lemon aiyu jelly juice. The aiyu juice is made with a type of fig, and it is served cold to make it refreshing. When it comes to the food department, a famous Taiwanese fried chicken brand, Hot Star, is for sure a safe choice, for those who are skeptical about trying out different specialties. There can also be found types of fruits, which can’t be seen anywhere else, such as pink guava, wax apples, and Buddha’s head.

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