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Rainbow Village

Rainbow Village in Taichung is one of the veterans villages. The Republic of China gave simple housing to the Kuomintang soldiers, and their families, after they retreated from Mainland China. However, during the last twenty years, these villages have been disappearing, one by one, including the Rainbow Village. It was being torn down house by house, until one of the last village residents, Mr. Huang, decided to make a change. One day he started to paint the empty village, giving it meaning and life and he hasn’t stopped yet. The walls and the alleys have been enriched with vibrant colors. The art covering the walls, doors, and even walkways of this tiny village are whimsical and unique, depicting animals, dolls, airplanes, manga characters, etc. A few years ago this place was discovered by the students of the nearby Ling Tung University. After the protests of the local people, and the fact that the village was becoming one of the attractions in Taichung city the local government decided to suspend the demolition. Thanks to this man’s imagination and work the Rainbow Village became a treasure of the Taichung city and a symbol of resistance and creativity. Like its creator, the Rainbow Grandpa, as the people of Taichung call Mr. Huang, still lives there. Even though it consists of only a few houses, it is truly a unique place with a heartwarming story.

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