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Giewont is part of the Tatra massif, located in the southern part of the country, in the Tatra National Park. This national park is cross-border because in the Slovak Republic there is a larger part of the Tatra massif, which is also a protected area. There is Small Giewont (1,728 meters), Great Giewont (1,895 meters), and Long Giewont (1,867 meters). Traditionally, a large part of the population of Poles living within a hundred kilometers spend weekends in Giewont, because there are a large number of private cottages, accommodation and beautiful facilities in the form of trekking, hiking, and in winter snow sports, etc. Polish folklore brings the myth of a dormant knight who will wake up when Poland is threatened. This myth is based on the appearance of a mountain: the Great Giewont forms the knight's head and Long Giewont his torso, which can be recognized when the Giewont massif is viewed from the north (Polish) side.

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