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San Juan Teotihuacán

San Juan Teotihuacán is a place that, according to legend, the gods determined to be the center of the universe. Teotihuacan is the largest ancient city in central Mexico on the UNESCO World Heritage Sites list and is home to the most magnificent buildings in this part of the world. Central Avenue, Calzada de Los Muertos on whose north side is the Pyramid of the Moon and on the south the Palace of Quetzalpapalotl. Between these two buildings, in an almost symmetrical arrangement, are many buildings, the Pyramid of the Sun, temples, palaces, and the citadel. Given that the archeological site is only thirty kilometers from the center of Mexico City, there are only four hotels around the site. Attendance is high, especially during the spring equinox when the pyramids are believed to have a positive energy effect.

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