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The easternmost major city in Mexico is Cancún. You can often hear that this is a city with two sides - one side is the beautiful beaches and the crystal clear Caribbean water in the Zona Hotelera, and the other is the Mayan heritage that Cancún proudly inherits. The Zona Hotelera is a stretch of about 19 kilometers of beaches that were developed during the 1970s into the then best resort in Mexico, leaving Acapulco far behind. Nowadays, it is known as a wild party resort. Cancún, on the other hand, has the Museo Maya de Cancún with over 400 Mayan artifacts found in the city area, most notably the San Miguelito archaeological site that is a must-visit. In addition to all this, there are about 15 kilometers of beaches, north of the city center, that are less developed, for those who are not too enthusiastic about commercialized facilities. Cancún is, in the opinion of many travelers, the best in Mexico.

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